Fall-related accidents are one of the most common accidents that occur during oil refinery Turn-Arounds. Turn-Arounds are very complex undertakings involving thousands of man hours to plan and accomplish.

Skilled workers are often working at elevations above the 6′ level, requiring fall protection by OSHA standards. Fall protection can range from protected scaffolding with railings, to full fall protection body harness, complete with a lanyard and a shock absorbing device. Fall distance must be limited to 6′, or making contact with something below. This is often a challenge.

Finding appropriate tie-off points that allow the worker the flexibility of movement that is required to perform their assigned task is paramount. This makes selection of the appropriate fall limiting devices critical.

Kevin Kennedy Associates has the personnel with Turn-Around fall-related litigation experience to help you with your case. Please call us to schedule a phone interview with an experienced safety expert.

CSP and lead consultant John Lauhoff at Kevin Kennedy Associates has investigated hundreds of industrial accidents during his 30-year span at General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. He has also served as an expert witness, both for plaintiff and defense, in industrial safety injury cases. John is a former Officer in the United States Air Force Reserves, a C-130 pilot and squadron safety officer. He can be contacted via email at johnla@kevinkennedyassociates.com.


Oil Refinery Turn-Arounds

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