Are you thinking of bringing operations back to North America? The costs for Asian manufactured products have risen 15% to 20% in the last four years, and are projected to continue to rise. Some estimate that China’s labor rates will be increasing at 20% per year for the next few years and China is under pressure to revalue their currency. Many companies continue to be impacted by poor quality, poor communications, slow/late shipments, poor responsiveness, high transportation costs, higher inventory, etc. – higher Total Cost of Ownership.

If you are considering automation in your far East operations, then the same automation will be as cost effective in the U.S. You save the cost of traveling to China, the waste of time and money, the leakage of valuable IP, shipping costs / time, etc.

We can help you identify the right local suppliers. Or if you want to begin your own manufacturing, we can provide the expertise you need to develop the facilities, the production processes, the quality systems, and the business processes for almost any type of manufacturing operation.

  • Build new or refurbish an existing facility
  • Develop the production line, overseeing the selection, installation, and startup of all equipment
  • Develop the business infrastructure / operations support services including such areas as order management, production planning/scheduling, purchasing, inventory management, quality assurance, packaging, shipping, and your ERP system
  • Establish your local supply chain
  • Redesign your products for more effective manufacture
  • Manage the overall program the ensure that change efforts deliver the desired results
  • Do you want to claim “Made In The USA” on your labels / advertising? We can help you define your ability to meet the FTC’s standard.

Give us a call (317-735-7000), and let us demonstrate how our experts truly offer a value-added service.

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