This fall we saw that Hurricanes and Nor’Easters can strike at any time leaving devastation behind. When Mother Nature shuts down your manufacturing facility, how do you get things up and running again? Are you prepared to maintain business continuity and mitigate damage? Some of the critical steps are outlined below. Find the full article on our website.

How to quickly react after a storm and how to prepare for the impact:

  • Assess and document the damages for insurance claims.
  • Evaluate the impact of the storm on your supply chain.
  • Evaluate the impact of the storm on facilities and how that impacts ability to fulfill product demand.
  • Immediately begin the rapid response planning for physical transfer to alternate production sites.
  • Address the contingency planning to maintain or ramp up production capacity with reduced employee availability or a spike in demand.
  • Facilitate the temporary transfer of production to other contract manufacturers.
  • Evaluate the emergency preparedness of your facility.

Advanced planning is critical to both avoid and survive the aftermath of powerful storms or ever worse, natural disasters. Before your manufacturing company faces disaster, ask yourself…“Have we developed and implemented business continuity and damage mitigation plans?”

Business Continuity and Damage Mitigation: Advanced Planning Required

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